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Return, exchange and refund policy

You are very welcome to visit the"Micisty Global Net Red Underwear Website" (hereinafter referred toas this website). In order to allow you to use the services and information ofthis website with peace of mind, we hereby explain to you the return, exchange,refund and shipping costs of this website Policies to protect your rights,please read the following carefully:

[Return, Exchange and Refund Policy]

1. Commodity appreciation period

In accordance with the provisions ofthe Consumer Protection Law, there is a 7-day product appreciation period (7days including holidays) from the time the product arrives in your hand.

If you need to return the goods,please contact the customer service staff within 7 days after receiving thegoods, and provide "name", "order number", "contactnumber", "returned product name", "returning reason andphoto", etc. After receiving the information, the customer service staffwill assist you to return and exchange the goods.

Customer service mailbox:ttfpage@gmail.com

Customer Service Hotline:0905-818-356

Two, return and exchange instructions

The returned goods must be defaced orfaulty caused by uncut labels or non-artificial defects, and the originalpackaging shall be kept intact. Otherwise, returns will not be accepted.

*Returns cannot be accepted in thefollowing situations:

1) A product appreciation period ofmore than seven days.

2) The product has been marked ordamaged due to human factors, such as stains, malfunctions, damage, abrasion,abrasions, scratches, and dirt.

3) The packaging of the returnedgoods is damaged or incomplete, or the goods and accessories are not complete.

4) Malicious or large returns.

5) Those who apply for return orrefund due to personal factors, if they order the same product again next time,they cannot request another return or refund.

Third, the return process

Contact customer service staff confirm the exchangeableitem pack the complete product you can directly send it back to our company (pay on collection) atyour own convenient time and method, and our company will be responsible forthe freight.

Four, refund instructions

Credit card payer: After confirmingthe successful return, the payment will be directly refunded to the originalcredit card account of the payment.

Remittance payer: After confirmingthe successful return, transfer the refund fee to the bank account youprovided.


[Freight and policy]

1. Shipping method and freight

Taiwan area:

1) 7-11/Family Pick up withoutpayment, shipping fee is NT$145

2) SF Express or Black Cat Express(delivery takes 3-7 days) Shipping fee is NT$110

China, Hong Kong, Macau area: SFExpress Shipping fee is NT$165

Malaysia, Singapore: SF Express,shipping fee is NT$450

Thailand: SF Express, shipping costNT$550

Canada, the United States: SFExpress, freight NT$750

United Kingdom: SF Express, shippingcost NT$880

*Buyer pays for internationalshipping and import duties

2. Delivery method and time

7-11/Family Pickup without payment:Number of days (working days. Excluding holidays) 3-7 days

SF Express or Black Cat Express:Number of days (working days. Excluding holidays) 3-7 days

Three, shipping restrictions

If due to special emergency forcemajeure factors, the logistics company cannot deliver to the buyer, we willnotify the buyer immediately and perform subsequent postponed shipments orrefund of the payment.