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Privacy Policy

You are very welcome to visit the "Micisty Global “Website(hereinafter referred to as this website). In order to allow you to use theservices and information of this website with peace of mind, we hereby explainto you the privacy protection policy of this website to protect you Please readthe following carefully:

1. The scope of application of the privacy protection policy

The content of the privacy protection policy, including how this websitehandles the personal identification data collected when you use the websiteservices. The privacy protection policy does not apply to related linkedwebsites other than this website, nor does it apply to personnel who are notentrusted or participated in the management of this website.

2. Methods of collecting, processing and using personal data

When you visit this website or usethe functional services provided by this website, we will consider the natureof the service function, ask you to provide the necessary personal data, andprocess and use your personal data within the scope of the specific purpose;You agree in writing that this website will not use personal data for other purposes.

This website will retain your name,email address, contact information, and time of use when you use interactivefunctions such as service mailboxes and questionnaires.

During normal browsing, the serverwill record relevant behaviors on its own, including the IP address of theconnected device, time of use, browser used, browsing and click data records,etc., as a reference for us to improve our website services , This record is aninternal application and will never be published.

In order to provide accurateservices, we will conduct statistics and analysis on the content of thecollected questionnaires, and present the statistical data or explanatory textof the analysis results. In addition to internal research, we will publishstatistical data and explanatory text as necessary, but not involvedInformation about specific individuals.

3. Data protection

The host of this website is equippedwith various information security equipment such as firewalls, anti-virussystems and necessary safety protection measures to protect the website andyour personal data. Strict protection measures are adopted. Only authorizedpersonnel can access your Personal data and related processing personnel havesigned confidentiality contracts. Anyone who violates the confidentialityobligation will be punished by relevant laws.

If it is necessary to entrust otherunits to provide services due to business needs, this website will alsostrictly require them to comply with confidentiality obligations, and takenecessary inspection procedures to ensure that they will indeed comply.

4. External links on the website

The web pages of this website provide Internet links to other websites,and you can also click to enter other websites through the links provided onthis website. However, the privacy protection policy of this website is notapplicable to the linked website, and you must refer to the privacy protectionpolicy in the linked website.

5. Policy on sharing personal data with third parties

This website will never provide, exchange, rent or sell any of yourpersonal information to other individuals, groups, private companies or publicagencies, but those with legal basis or contractual obligations are not limitedto this.

The circumstances of the proviso in the preceding paragraph include butare not limited to:

With your written consent.

The law expressly stipulates.

To avoid danger to your life, body,freedom or property.

Cooperating with public agencies oracademic research institutions is necessary for statistical or academicresearch based on the public interest, and the data is processed by theprovider or collected by the provider and cannot identify a specific partyaccording to its disclosure method.

When your behavior on the websiteviolates the terms of service or may damage or hinder the rights of the websiteand other users or cause damage to anyone, the website management unit analyzesand reveals your personal information for the purpose of identifying,contacting or taking legal action Necessary.

Conducive to your rights.

When this website entrusts vendors toassist in the collection, processing or use of your personal data, it willperform its duty of supervision and management to outsourced vendors orindividuals.

6. Use of Cookies

In order to provide you with the best service, this website will place andaccess our cookies on your computer. If you do not want to accept the writingof cookies, you can set the privacy level in the browser function you use toHigh, you can refuse the writing of cookies, but it may cause some functions ofthe website to be unable to perform normally.

7. Amendment of privacy protection policy

The privacy protection policy of this website will be revised at any timein response to needs, and the revised terms will be published on the website.

8. Data access and deletion

Members can view the authorized name and email information in the member account of the website at any time, and only as the content of store membership and order information.

According to my request, the store can request to delete or stop using the personal data through the contact us channel in the upper right corner of the store.

For related needs, please write to: ttfpage@gmail.com